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Assistance: APRIL at the heart of new travel requirements

In a world where people are increasingly mobile (studying abroad, working holiday visas, expatriation, business trips, tourism, etc.) assistance requirements are becoming more varied. New consumer trends (the sharing economy in particular) have brought about different requirements in terms of insurance and assistance. New types of cover are now required, for mobile digital devices for example. APRIL Assistance (formerly CORIS), a subsidiary of the APRIL group specialised in assistance, offers services which match its customers' requirements as closely as possible and is constantly evolving to adapt to these new trends.

Our Travel and Assistance services are used by reputated bank and insurance companies to add value and differentiate their core products.

An assistance network embodied by dedicated experts operating world wide

The APRIL group's assistance activity is today organized into 12 main call centers which are completely integrated and operational 24/7. These call centers are strategically divided over 3 continents: Europe, Asia and the Americas.

The group owned company Axeria Assistance is able to intervene in 28 different countries, in Europe and world-wide, through its specific partnerships. In addition to this organization there is a network of over 150 agents on hand to help customers locally. In order to fully master the whole of the assistance chain, APRIL also draws on an established network of service providers (hospitals, clinics, ambulance services, taxis companies, etc.) which is constantly being updated. As for APRIL's insurance partners, they benefit from having an overall picture of the whole of the value chain (technical risk, product design, distribution, claims handling, assistance).

As such APRIL offers all the advantages of a 'one-stop shop' able to operate in all or part of the insurance activities.



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