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Commercial Creditor Insurance

Protecting assets and preventing insolvency

A Commercial Creditor Insurance ensures that your business and corporate borrowers will stay solvent even during crisis situations.

Commercial Creditor Insurance:
Making risks calculable

Owners of private companies as well as freelancers rely on their personal ability to work. Should a contractor not be able to perform due to illness or death, a critical situation will arise for the company. Traders and contractors are in principle liable with their private assets in case of insolvency. Such a case may have far-reaching consequences for the family - not only in crisis situations. If a business commercial credit has to be paid, this can lead to insolvency and the loan is defaulted.

This does not have to be the case, APRIL Deutschland has a solution: The innovative Commercial Creditor Insurance protects the creditor whilst the company remains solvent even during difficult situations in order to keep the business up and running.

That is the reason why financial institutions as well as companies should increasingly rely on this type of safety.

Commercial Creditor Insurance for entrepreneurs

Are you self-employed and looking to protect yourself and/or your company? We offer our protection plan against the losses occuring from business loans only through savings banks and financial institutions. We will gladly provide the contact information of a distribution partner in your proximity.


Access for our partners to the web-based calculation tool

If you are a registered sales partner from a bank you can have access to the calculation tool via the link:



Commercial Creditor Insurance:
The simple basic principle

In order to minimise losses and risks of the loan business, APRIL Deutschland has developed the Commercial Creditor Insurance which is kind of residual debt insurance for business loans. It is suitable for freelancers, self-employed persons and owners of private companies as well as managing partners. The product is based on a very basic principle: In case of illness, the Commercial Creditor Insurance will take over all operating loan payments - for as long as the insured is unable to return to work. This process not only minimises the credit risks of the contractor due to illness but also the risks of the crediting financial institution. In case of death or serious illness, the Commercial Creditor Insurance will pay the open remainder of the loan in full.

Commercial Creditor Insurance: Purposeful safety for banks and companies

APRIL Deutschland offers three types of protection:

  • Credit protection of annuity loans with a duration of up to 30 years for unlimited credit sums
  • Credit line protection / overdraft
  • Promotional loans and special redeemable loans.

In principle, the entire credit sums and durations can be insured, but also parts thereof.

In case of “small tickets”, i.e. below an insurance sum of 125,000 Euro, no elaborate medical examination is required. This makes sales possible to all customers, regardless of their medical condition. In case of larger loans, there is a graded acceptance system with health questions and a medical examination.

Even large financing projects with an investment volume of several million Euro can be optimally protected. We partner with well-known international reinsurance groups, such as GenRe an SCOR.

Another advantage is the simple handling since the integration of a special software into your internal IT-system is not required. The sale is carried out using an Internet-based computer. The implementation efforts of the product are therefore minimal and the product can be rolled out within a period of approximately two weeks.

The Commercial Creditor Insurance is offered by APRIL Deutschland in cooperation with its sister company, Axeria Prévoyance S.A. The latter is the risk carrier of the Commercial Creditor Insurance and one of the most successful French life and personal lines insurance companies headquartered in Lyon.

Our A.M. Best Financial soundness Rating: This rating is based on an independent rating agency's assessment of the company's financial soundness. It demonstrates Axéria Prévoyance's excellent ability to fulfil its financial commitments and was confirmed in 2015: A- (outlook) stable.

By now, more than 80 savings banks from almost all geographical regions in Germany offer this product which compensates for the increased risk cost of the financial institutions.



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