Developing insurance products
for financial services provider

Product Development

We will support you in your development of individual insurance products which will expand your portfolio. Develop new and profitable business areas in the insurance market! Increase customer loyalty, differentiation and profit.

Developing insurance products: Our services for you

Develop new and profitable business areas together with APRIL in the insurance market! We will support you in your development of individual insurance products for all your customer segments. Increase the profitability of your existing customer base and offer them more than your competitors.

Offering your customers individual insurance products as a financial services provider will help you achieve the following benefits:

  • Increase frequency of customer contacts
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Prevent loss of customers
  • Distinction compared with competitors through attractive additional services
  • Secure your income stream in crisis situations (e.g. payment difficulties of customers, resellers or other partners) and thereby protect your business model
  • Generate attractive margins

APRIL´s development of insurance products for financial services providers will initially analyse the situation of your company: in which sector are you positioned, who are your customers? An exact evaluation of the company and its environment will help determine which product may constitute a sensible expansion.

After the strategic evaluation, a practice-oriented implementation will follow, if so desired. The APRIL experts will utilise their international network and draw on their years of know-how. Together with you, we will carry out a tender and find a suitable partner for your individual goals. We will actively support you along the way with our experience.

Profitable insurance products will refine your portfolio

Whether banks, automotive manufacturers, utilities or e-commerce and resellers: there are profitable options for very different industries and business models in order to offer insurance products as financial services provider and thereby refining the portfolio. APRIL, experts for innovation in the insurance market, will support you in your development of attractive models and products which can increase customer loyalty and thereby the customer lifetime value of your core customers while also securing your own business model. Our international insurance network enables us to analyse and access the best insurance solutions.



APRIL Deutschland AG is your expert for innovation and flexibility in the insurance market. We will support you in the following areas:

Consulting for financial services providers
Business process outsourcing
Portfolio of insurance products

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