Business process outsourcing
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Reduce your costs and increase your success by outsourcing business processes. APRIL is your experienced consulting support for business process outsourcing (BPO). We will also support you during the implementation. Define and achieve your strategic goals together with us for more profitability!

Outsourcing-Consulting for insurers: implementation

After determining the strategic objectives during outsourcing consulting, we will of course support you to secure a seamless and successful implementation. The APRIL outsourcing consulting team will help you finding the perfect solution along the lines of the objectives set. An outsourcing roadmap includes the most important steps, the best product and service solutions and the most competent and most cost-effective partners can be found.

If required, the APRIL experts will draw on their international network and long-time market experience in outsourcing financial services and will actively support you during the implementation. Find out more about the implementation of business process outsourcing with APRIL here.

Business process outsourcing options for insurance companies

In the highly competitive insurance market, it is crucial to constantly defend and expand market share and increase efficiency and thereby profitability. Business process outsourcing constitutes a strategic decision for insurance companies. Outsourcing process responsibilities will make your work processes leaner and more dynamic, while you can focus on your core business and realise profitable scaling effects. It must be clarified first whether and how this step is sensible and profitable for your company. The first step in outsourcing consulting for insurance companies is to determine which goals and measures are strategically sensible for your insurance company. Implementation support of the outsourcing consulting for insurance companies is the second step - goal-oriented and result-driven.

Outsourcing-consulting for insurers: strategic approach

Initially, the APRIL experts for outsourcing consulting for insurance companies will find answers together with you to the following fundamental questions: 

  • What is the current situation of the company?
  • Does outsourcing, for example of run-off portfolios, make any sense? Which goals are you hoping to achieve and what are the ways to realise these goals?
  • Is outsourcing intended to be an integral part of an (international) market entry strategy?

The more outsourcing consulting can define the situation and strategy of the insurance company and the more precise goals and milestones are determined, the more efficient and faster the implementation process will be.

For our customers, cost reductions are noticeable much more quickly.



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