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APRIL translates successful banking and insurance topics into the World of Telemarketing. Backed by a big pool of experience from several campaigns plus a unique know-how in telemarketing and financial services products. 

Our added-values are completed by a possible take-over of back Office processes, such as fulfilment, claims handling, billing and portfolio management.

Telemarketing: Building the bridge to customers!

The willingness of consumers to inform themselves is confronting banks and insurances with a problem. That trend will probably increase over the next years. New ways to approach customers need to be detected. One instrument of dialogue marketing is appropriate: Telemarketing or Tele-Sales. Sure no obtrusive calls in after-work hours. Methodes from the 80’s don’t work anymore. Instead the “factor human being” needs to be placed in the foreground.

Quality calls instead of hard selling

APRIL supports distinguished companies, among them successful banks, and executes their campaigns.

APRIL experts have extensive knowledge of and access to the insurance market as well as the relevant products and proven processes.

Why is APRIL so successful with its telemarketing campaigns?

Every call center has high-, middle- and low performers. We only want the best agents and install there profiles in our telemarketing software. Top performers come from several call centers and are elected by a special criteria catalogue. No matter where they are based, they all call via APRIL’s cloud based software.  In addition a small inhouse call center is in force where well educated employees test new campaigns, scripts and argumentation lines before they will be rolled out.

Steering and reporting as success factors

Steering and coordinating a call center is challenging and time-consuming. APRIL is doing that for you! We use a cloud based software which is easy to use and gives our sponsors a transparent documentation of all activities.

Implementation support for Telemarketing

Our 7-stars trust guarantee:

* High-level campaign planning

* Election oft he right team

* Usage of innovative cloud based Software

* Competent steering of call centers

* Real time reporting and quality management

* Success-oriented compensation

* High data protection standards incl. TOM concepts and data processing contracts

You can rely on our know-how: You can of course decide whether you would like to outsource single processes in inbound and outbound telemarketing or entire campaigns.

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