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We will support you in claims settlements. You will benefit from our excellent claims management system, flexible IT-infrastructure as well as highly qualified insurance and IT-specialists with extensive knowledge in the field of insurance law. We work transparently and safely. You will cash in on the advantage of quality and cost.

Intelligent solutions for your claims settlements: Claims settlements Green Insurance Card

In order to comply with international regulations of motor insurance claims, insurance companies have to be optimally prepared and work with the right partner. Quality of service, processes and reporting of your claim adjuster play a large role in this. As part of the largest assistance and claims adjuster networks in the world, APRIL looks back on many years of expertise of APRIL International Assistance (formerly CORIS).

The regulations of the 4th Motor Insurance Directive (2000/26/EC) are intended to facilitate processing of an accident which took place abroad in Europe. For such cases, APRIL will also stand by your side as a reliable claims adjusting partner.

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Benefit from our excellent claims management system with a flexible IT-infrastructure as well as highly qualified insurance and IT-specialists and lawyers. Our employees have extensive knowledge about all areas of insurance laws at their disposal. Another advantage lies in the transparency of our work as well as in quality and cost control during transactions. All services with regard to claims adjustments fall under the EU Directive concerning freedom to provide services.




APRIL Deutschland: Claims Representative of German MIB (Deutsches Büro Grüne Karte e.V.)

We process motor car liability claims on a high level of quality across all countries. Our competent service offices help regulate more than 22,000 motor car liability claims per year (2014) world-wide, among them for the Claims Representative of German Motor Insurance Bureau (Deutsches Büro Grüne Karte e.V.). You can trust in our comprehensive solutions for handling motor car liability claims in Germany and beyond.

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Our services for German and international motor car liability insurance companies

We offer German and international insurance companies a wide range of services for processing motor TPL claims.

We make our comprehensive international network for claims adjustments available to German motor TPL insurance companies (Green Insurance Card and 4th Motor Insurance Directive). Our branch in Haar close to Munich will serve as your central point of contact for providing the services of our network. Our network covers 40 countries and 30 different languages. The average experience of our claims adjustment experts is 15 years. Currently, more than 40 international insurance companies place their trust in our competency in Germany. We are entrusted not only with processing claims from their policy holders in Germany but in other European states as well. The number of foreign insurance companies we support is growing constantly.

We help reducing the efforts involved in processing Green Card claims adjustments with quick communication and short response periods and thereby are able to offer efficient and sound handling. We will inform you of important differences in foreign laws, foreign legal systems and the corresponding legal culture. Naturally, you will receive reporting and authorisations customised to your requirements.

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