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Close to the market. Close to the customer.
Always one step ahead.

APRIL for your success

The history of APRIL: One step ahead through innovation and service

APRIL’s story began 30 years ago with innovation. The company’s founder Bruno Rousset realised that existing insurance products could not satisfy his customers to the full extent. On the basis of his in-depth knowledge of the market, he created innovative and highly specialised offers together with insurance companies which could satisfy any customer request. He created a financially sound company whose products created profitable growth for the stakeholders. APRIL was founded in 1988 and today is one of the leading French financial services providers, listed at the stock market and internationally active.

The APRIL Group:

  • One of the leading financial services providers in France, with branches in 31 countries
  • One of the leading providers of business process outsourcing in Germany
  • More than 6 million policy holders
  • 928.4 million Euro revenue in 2017
  • More than 3,800 employees
  • 20,000 distribution partners world-wide and service centres on three continents

APRIL Deutschland: Practical experience for your success

At APRIL Deutschland, we carry on the innovative spirit of our founder. We have specialised knowledge about the banking world, the insurance world and their intersections. We have decades of experience in consulting with a practical orientation and successful implementation. We will use this know-how and our highest motivation to bring you all the way to the top. Flat hierarchies and high-performance technology make us especially flexible and will optimise your time-to-market. When necessary, we will draw on the international network of the APRIL Group as well as on long-time strategic partnerships from earlier consulting projects.

APRIL will support you in entering new business fields, develop innovative solutions for business process outsourcing, will support you with implementation efforts and offers you an extensive and highly specialised product portfolio.


Business process outsourcing


Always being one step ahead means for us: being at the forefront of new market developments and always going the extra mile for the customer. APRIL offers highly qualified, goal-oriented solutions and fair-minded consulting that is aimed at implementation and has grown from decades of practice. At APRIL, we will give everything to get you the best.



APRIL Deutschland AG is your expert for innovation and flexibility in the insurance market. We will support you in the following areas:

Consulting for financial services providers
Business process outsourcing
Portfolio of insurance products

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